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FANSUNG Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. (Former WACO Used Clothes Factory, Belongs WEESN GROUP) founded in the year 2001, is known as one of the leading and professional supplier of used clothing, used shoes, used bags, cotton rags in China. ”FANSUNG” owns advanced production equipments, excellent export, recycling, operation experience, strict and powerful quality control work team with at least 5 years professional working experience.

FANSUNG, an ISO 9001 accredited company. To keep excellent quality, every year we re-invest 16-21% of its sales revenue into the production equipment and facility, making it possible to expand its production lines, and also in the selection, sorting, packing of Used Summer Clothes / Used Tropical Clothes (Used Clothing, Second Hand Clothes, Used Clothes, Used Apparel Garments), Used Winter Clothes, Men’s used clothes (Short Sleeves T-Shirt, Long Sleeves T-Shirt, Short Sleeves Shirt, Long Sleeves Shirt, Jean Pants, Cotton Pants, Cargo Short Pants, Cargo Long Pants, used men jeans pants, used men cotton pants, used men short sleeve shirt, used men long sleeve shirt, second hand men short sleeve T-shirt),Lady’s used clothes (used underwear, spring wear, autumn wear, used Ladies clothes, used Ladies silk dress, used Ladies mini short dress, used Ladies Jeans skirt, used Ladies short sleeve T-shirt, second hand Ladies silk blouse, used Ladies fashion jacket, used Ladies cotton 3/4 pants, used Ladies jeans pants, Ladies cotton blouse, used Ladies tregal skirt, used Ladies cotton pants, used Ladies silk skirt, used Ladies long sleeve T-shirt),Second hand children clothes (used children summer clothing, used children long pants, used children dress, used children spring wear, used children summer wear),Second Hand Jeans, Used short pants, Used sports wear clothes (Used swimming wear),Used hat, Used Shoes (Second Hand Shoes), Used Bags, Used Belts, Cotton Rags and relative used clothes accessories.

As a professional and reliable supplier of used clothes, used shoes, used bags, cotton rags, "FANSUNG" strengthens cooperation with many overseas large international distributors together by joint efforts to enlarge our markets and has exported our products to more than 40 countries and districts around the world such as Ghana, Gambia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Liberia, Gabon, Nigeria, Togo, Uganda, Congo, Cameroon, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Russia, Romania, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, USA, Singapore, Austrilia, UK, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sweden and so on, And won good business reputation from our worldwide customers.

"FANSUNG" is constantly committed to working hard to offer customers with the highest level of satisfaction by offering quality used clothes, used shoes, used bags, cotton rags products and services. In our international business operations, "FANSUNG" constantly and strictly adheres to the highest international principles of business practices and ethics. We recognize that trust is earned over a long period of time by consistently delivering on our promises, to ensure we can continue to deliver on our commitments to the customers and shareholders who rely on us, "FANSUNG" is focused on improving the way we do business; on operating with strict rules in everything we do, our goal is to ensure that people everywhere have access to recycled products and quality life.

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