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Used Cloth & Used Shoes - FANSUNG GROUP CHINA - Top Reliable & Creditable Cotton Rags - Used Clothes - Used Shoes - Used Bags Supplier in China

Used Clothing, Used Shoes, Used Bags in 100% Grade AAA from FANSUNG Group in China, we FANSUNG offers a high quality grade of used clothes, used shoes, used bags. Our premium clothes are our best of the best, top 10% of the items that we process. Some will also call them “cream of the used clothing”. They are collected from donations and charities in the top modern city in China. It is our exclusive wholesale used clothing product.

Used Clothing - Used Shoes - Used Bags China - FANSUNG

These used clothes, used shoes, used bags come in excellent and very good condition, with no flaws or visible wear. It’s not uncommon to find brands like Calvin Klein, Abercrombie, Adidas, Nike, North Face, Armani or Victoria Secret in FANSUNG Group Clothing Premium Clothes.

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